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Backnine Bookie Software Support

Software Problems and Solutions

Backnine Bookie 2003
In general, a software problem on a later version would also be present on an earlier version.

Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 users!
There are a few of Backnine Bookie features that do not operate properly with the Vista and Windows 7/8 operating systems that we know of -- and possibly more with your particular system setup.

The Help documentation does not automatically work unless you download the patch from Microsoft.  You can go to and search for "WinHlp32.exe" to get the download. 

Instead of loading the Help patch, you can click here to download the full Help documentation that comes with the product.  The download is in Adobe Acrobat format and approximately 770 KB.

If you find you are having any other problems, please try the following:

  • right-click Start
  • click Explore
  • find your C: drive and click
  • find Program Files and click
  • find Backnine Bookie and click
  • find BacknineBookie2003 (.exe) and right-click
  • choose Properties
  • click the Compatibility tab
  • check the "Run in Compatibility Mode for" and choose Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • in the Privilege Level section, check the "Run this program as an administrator" box
  • click OK

This should set the security on your computer such that the automated Backnine Bookie functions will work properly.

Also, some people have reported problems with printing (black boxes in some areas, for example, or no print at all).  Try the above bulleted steps to see if that helps.  If not, then print will need to done to a file (either HTML, comma-delimited for import into a spreadsheet, or text file) and then printed separately.

Version 2003.1.16 (the current version) - No known problems except for Help documentation for the Vista, Windows 7/8 operating system (see above) and potential issues with print outs.  Must set compatibility (see above).

Version 2003.1.15 - List bets window sorting is unpredictable.  Later version sorts by ticket number, round/flight, and then the sequence of the bets within the system.

Version 2003.1.14 - Team names are truncated when printing Bet Sheet to 20 characters.  Newer version allows up to 100 characters in the printed team names.

Version 2003.1.13 - If you leave the betting window by clicking on another window (such as the odds window), when you return to the betting window, it indicates that results for all races have been entered and will not let you continue in the betting window.

Version 2003.1.12 - The "holdback amount", which applies only to Win bets, is not subtracted from the pot before computing payouts.  Amounts entered in the Golf Card over 1000 may not be saved properly.  The option to print to a comma-delimited file option cuts off text based on the size of the column instead of printing the entire text.

Version 2003.1.11 - All bettors not always listed on the list bettors window.  If file is set up to only take bets on the tourney winner and no round winners, error #381 can occur when printing reports.

Version 2003.1.10 - The 7th through 12th picks on an exotic bet are not printed on the printed bet sheet.  An error can occur on the Betting Window if editting a bet sheet and bettor is chosen that does not have any bets or if running the cash/collect function and there are no bet sheets  to cash or collect.

Version 2003.1.9 - The setting selected for printer orientation is not always used for the actual printed report.

Version 2003.1.8 - The golfers print out of order within the round/flight combination.  In some instances, adding or editing golfers does not work properly and the changes made will not be reflected in the file.

Version 2003.1.7
When displaying results in the Enter Results window, if results have not been entered for the race, then everyone shows as "even par", instead of blank.  (This can be fixed by upgrading or simply clicking the "Delete all scores" button.)

Version 2003.1.5 and Version 2003.1.6
Error message #62 can occur while opening a file.  This error means that the file was saved incorrectly and upgrading to the latest version will not correct the problem for the file, although it will prevent the problem on future files. 

You can contact us for information and assistance in fixing your file.

Or, if you wish, you can correct the file yourself by doing the following:
- Make a backup copy of your .bnb file
- Open the program NotePad (found in the Accessories folder)
- Open your .bnb file within NotePad
- Search for the first occurrence of "`Payout%"
- Delete the "`Payout%" word and everything that comes after it.
- Save your file

When you open the fixed file in Backnine Bookie, it should load up fine.

Version 2003.1.4
-  Error message #9 (Subscript out of bounds) can occur while printing the current odds for tournaments with more than one flight.

Version 2003.1.3
- Entering an invalid minimum payout or quick bet amount displays an error message that cannot be corrected without canceling out of the program. 
- Manual entry of bet sheet numbers does not function properly. 
- If 3rd place results are not entered, all remaining players are listed as third place finishers on windows and reports.

Version 2003.1.2 - Printing sometimes can cause a problem with the setting of the "orientation", depending on your system.

Version 2003.1.1 - Manual entry of bet sheet numbers does not function.

Version 2003.1.0 - Only one exotic bet displays on the "Display Payouts" window and on reports.


How to fix software problems

If you have a problem that is not listed above, please contact us, describing the problem, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

To fix known problems, follow the instructions below to re-download the correct version of the software, depending on the version of the software that you own, and then reinstalling the software.  Any golf card files which you created earlier will continue to work with either version of the software, although it is possible to lose some data from one file to the next if you go "backwards" in releases.

Step 1, make sure you have your registration ID.  (You may not need to re-enter the registration ID, but it is safest to have it before you de-install, just in case.) 

If you have the software loaded and have previously entered your registration ID, you can go to the Help / About window to find your registration ID and the software version.  If you cannot find it this way, please contact us and include information on your purchase to help us find your order, such as your name, address, approximate date of purchase, and/or e-mail address.

Step 2, de-install your current version of Backnine Bookie.

  • Click "Start" , then "Settings" (for some Windows operating systems), then "Control Panel", then "Add/Remove Programs" 
  • Select "Backnine Bookie", and click Add/Remove button

Step 3, download the latest version of the Backnine Bookie software that you have purchased.

Backnine Bookie Software

    Version 2003:   Click Here (approx. 3.1 meg)
    Download File:  BacknineBookieZip2003.exe
If you are having trouble downloading this size file,
please click here for an alternative download method

Step 4, install the new Backnine Bookie program:

  • At the WINDOWS desktop, click START on the taskbar.
  • Click the RUN entry within the pop-up window.
  • Click the BROWSE button to locate the BacknineBookieZip2003.exe or the BacknineBookieZip.exe file that you downloaded in step 3.
  • Click the OK button.
  • The WinZip Self-Extractor dialog box will appear.  Click the SETUP button.
  • The Backnine Bookie setup screen will appear.  Click the OK button.
  • Select a target installation directory.  The default target installation directory is "C:\Program Files\Backnine Bookie\" for version 2001 and "C:\Program Files\Backnine Bookie 2003\" for version 2003. The BROWSE button gives you the option to select a different installation directory.
  • After the desired installation directory is selected, Click the INSTALLATION icon and the installation will begin. (The icon is located in the upper left-hand corner.)
  • Click the OK button.

Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the installation.

If you are having trouble with your installation, please contact us.

Forgot your registration id?

If you have the software loaded and have previously entered your registration ID, you can go to the Help / About window to find your registration ID.  If you are having trouble finding your ID this way, please click here to go to our registration lookup page.

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