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Alternate Download for Backnine Bookie

Some Internet Service Providers, such as AOL, cut-off product downloads after they reach a certain size, such as 1 megabyte.  The link that comes with your product purchase and is on our trial download page is approximately 3 meg.   

If you have problems downloading large files,  you can download this series of smaller files and install Backnine Bookie using them instead of the file received through the other links.  This will give you the exact same product, it is just split up into pieces to allow for downloading.

Each of the files below is 720K or less.  All seven files should be downloaded into the same folder on your PC -- we recommend that you create a special folder specifically for these files, such as "C:\BacknineInstall\".  Once you have your folder created, click on each of the files below and download them to your computer.

!!!!!!  ATTENTION  !!!!!!!

If you click on a file and it does not offer you an option to save it to your disk, you must right-click on it, then choose the option "Save As" or "Save Target As".

Be sure that the your saved files are named exactly as they are in the list below!  (For example, some systems attach an additional ".txt" file type extension when downloading.)

 If the names do not match, be sure to rename them to match these names!

File 1 - Setup.exe file (.1 Meg)

File 2 - SETUP.LST file (7 K)

File 3 - Backni1.CAB (.6 Meg)

File 4 - Backni2.CAB (.7 Meg)

File 5 - Backni3.CAB (.7 Meg)

File 6 - Backni4.CAB (.7 Meg)

File 7 - Backni5.CAB (.1 Meg)

Once you have successfully downloaded all of the files follow the instructions below to install Backnine Bookie.

  1. At the WINDOWS desktop, click START on the taskbar.
  2. Click the RUN entry within the pop-up window.
  3. Click the BROWSE button to locate the Setup.exe file that you just downloaded ("C:\BacknineInstall\Setup.exe", if you followed our recommendation).
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. When the Backnine Bookie setup screen appears, click the OK button.
  6. The default target installation directory is C:\Program Files\Backnine Bookie\. The BROWSE button gives you the option to select a different installation directory.
  7. After the desired installation directory is selected, click the INSTALLATION icon. (The icon is located in the upper left-hand corner.)
  8. Click the OK button.

Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the installation!

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