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Backnine Bookie Features

Backnine Bookie has everything you need to run your golf tournament betting at your country club or special event.  Here is just a sample of the many outstanding features...

Flexible golf card settings!


Allows the setting of the house "cut"! 

For each round and flight in the tournament, Backnine Bookie allows you to choose what types of bets are allowable, what the minimum bet will be, and how to round off payouts.   Great for fund-raising! Simply specify the percent or flat amount that you would like held back and Backnine Bookie does the calculation for you!

Handles multiple rounds and "flights"!


Handles the most-popular types of bets!

For each tournament, you decide if you want to collect bets on each of up to 11 rounds and/or the full tournament. Golfers can be set up into up to 12 different "flights", such as A through D players or "without handicap" vs. "with handicap".

Backnine Bookie can handle hundreds of golfers in each flight, hundreds of bettors, and thousands of bets!

  With Backnine Bookie, you can offer win, place, and show bets, as well as exacta (pick the top two finishers) and trifecta (pick the top three finishers).  You can even take "boxed" bets on exactas and trifectas.   Backnine Bookie also handles bets tailored to golf-tournaments, including "consecutive round bets" (pick the winner within a flight of up to 6 consecutive rounds), and "all flights in a round" bets (pick the winner of each flight within a round.)  

Fully functional betting window!  


Display current betting pools and odds! 

Place or cash multiple bets in one transaction and settle up with the bettor in a few easy clicks of the mouse. All of the dollar totals are calculated for you!  And, if you wish, you can print out blank "bet sheet" forms to distribute to bettors, so that they can record their bets and you can enter them at your leisure!   You can display the betting pools and the odds for win, place, show and exacta bets. You can have the system automatically scroll through all of the available odds automatically!  You can even have a separate networked computer display the odds while bets are being taken on the main computer.

Print bet sheet forms and tickets!


Track amounts collected and paid out!

Optionally, you can print out tickets and bet sheets and give them to the bettors.  Printing to a small label or ticket printer is also an option.   As bets are placed and winnings determined, Backnine Bookie can keep track of what is owed to or due from each individual bettor.

Record results for the entire tournament!


Calculate winning payouts in seconds!

You can record the results of the top finishers or record the results of every player or team.  Tiebreakers can be used or ties can be left to stand and payouts are adjusted accordingly.   Simply point-and-click to record the race results and, within a flash, the winning payouts are calculated and displayed.

Print a full range of reports!


Time saving features!

Backnine Bookie supports a full range of reports which can be printed on a printer, sent to a formatted file, or a comma-delimited file!   Backnine Bookie is loaded with features to save you time -- copy golfers and bettors from other files, automatically convert golfers entered into bettors, and much more!

...and much, much more!

Take a quick tour of the features or download a trial version now!

Click here to download a full copy of the software documentation in PDF format.

Backnine Bookie beats the competition!
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